7-Step streamlined delivery process


The project has come full circle and it’s time to bring it to life. The install team visit you on-site to ensure accurate implementation.

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Quality Control

A series of rigorous QA tests and procedures ensure strength and longevity of the build.

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Foam Fabrication

Fabricators aim to economize cutting time and cost while providing a complete range of custom and standard shapes. The cutting processes used include drilling, slitting, grinding and buffing, as well as laser and water jet cutting.

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Fabrics are sown together under machine stitching to ensure durability and quality assurance.

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Cutting & Fabrication

Using state of the art equipment to increase efficiency and accuracy, the product is then sawed, plasma and laser cut, formed, and machined to your specifications by our canvas team.

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The aesthetics and dimensions are then thoroughly vetted by our designers.

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Initial Meeting

We’ll meet with you discuss your specific needs and vision for the project. Here we cover all the details from fabrics, design, implementation, cost and timeline.

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